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You are worthy.

You are more than good enough.

More and more now, each day, you see your full potential and take steps to achieving your goals and healing. 

Your life is your wealth… mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

Are you stuck? Do you suffer from a lack of motivation, anxiety, impulsivity, identity or anger management concerns? Is there a large gap between who you see in the mirror and who you know you could be? Did you give up on you? Where do you turn to for support, resources, empowerment, and motivation? What would be possible if you achieve your goals and heal? What would be possible if you were to live your authentic life starting now?


As a trauma-informed solution focused therapist I will listen to you. I will explore with you your identified needs, goals, and dreams first. I will then take a collaborate therapeutic approach with you each session to achieve your goals and heal.


I am a firm believer that you are the expert on “YOU”, and my goal is to guide you through using evidence-based, scientifically proven therapeutic approaches, skills, and techniques to serve you on your journey of life. We will explore different modalities that will enhance your life while introducing you to daily mindfulness practices to interrupt negative thinking patterns, self-doubt, and fear-based cycles. 


Together we will let go of the “heavy things” and introduce more kindness and less judgment into your life. 


Trauma - informed care

Solution focused brief therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy 

Motivational interviewing 

Mindfulness Approaches

1-2-3 Magic

Art interventions 

Play interventions

Kemetic Yoga

Clinical Hypnotherapy 



Children & Families

Child welfare 

Chronic pain or illness 



Life coaching

Life & Career transitions 


Single parent households 

Social Injustice and Advocacy

Trauma and Crisis Intervention 

Workplace Stress

Work/Life balance


Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

Office, Virtual, School, Community and Home Based Sessions

Walk & Talk

Session fee is up to $90 per session
Limited sliding scale availability