it is our mission to support one's journey toward healing and understanding by strengthening the relationship with self and others.


Services through Orenda Counseling are private pay only. This is to ensure we can provide individualized treatment options without the barriers insurance often causes.  Rates begin at $85/session with limited sliding fee opportunities available.  In addition to cash, Check, or Debit/Credit, We are happy to accept HSA cards for payment.  Superbills are available upon request.

Who we serve

We offer therapy for individuals of all ages, families, and couples.  Our therapists specialize in working with individuals and families who have been impacted by adoption, foster care, attachment, and trauma.  Other challenges that our therapists can help address include depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship conflict, life transitions, and other mental/emotional challenges.


We offer virtual sessions for anyone in the state of Indiana.

our location

we aim to meet you where you are, both emotionally and physically. To do so, we offer several options for sessions, including meeting in the office, community, or even sometimes your own home.  We offer Walk and Talk, which combines your journal to healing with the benefits of exercise and being outdoors.

What does "Orenda" Mean?

An Iroquois word that means the invisible energy inside all things that can empower them to influence change within themselves and the world.