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Bonding and Attachment Assessment

Orenda Counseling LLC offers Bonding and Attachment assessments to help evaluate the overall quality and nature of relationships between children and their caregivers.  

Bonding and Attachment assessments can be useful to determine the level of security a child experiences with their caregivers and caregivers capacity to meet their child's social, emotional and developmental needs as well as provide felt safety. The assessment will provide recommendations regarding best practices for increasing secure attachment, which may include therapy recommendations, parenting skill building/styles or in some cases assessing best placement of the child.  Clinicians will utilize evidenced-based practices and research to support recommendations.

Bonding and Attachment assessments have been utilized in family and child welfare court cases.  A thorough, written report can be provided to parties upon request at time of scheduling.

The assessment is completed over a series of sessions where caregiver and/or child is to be present:

Session 1: Caregiver history and attachment interview (1-2 hours)
Session 2: Child history and attachment interview (1-2 hours)
Session 3: Caregiver/child interaction assessment - recorded (1 hour)

**Clinician review of recorded assessment, interpretation of results, and completing summary (2-3 hours)** 
Session 4: Review of assessment findings with caregiver (1-2 hours)


These assessment times are based on one child and one caregiver. Additional time may be added if needed. 

One assessment (includes all sessions, review and interpretation, and basic written summary): $800

One assessment + thorough written report (supported by cited evidence-based sources and provide documentation of interview responses): $1,000

Additional fees will apply if clinician is to engage in court proceedings.


While we do not accept insurance, we accept HSA funds and will consider a payment plan discussed at the time of scheduling.  We also vendor with the Indiana Department of Child Services.

To schedule an assessment, please CONTACT US.

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