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Heather Stevenson
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

If you seldom had your feelings validated as a child, you may find that you struggle with self-doubt as an adult. If your voice was either silenced and/or criticized, you may have learned to discount your inner compass and question your ability to make good decisions. Being raised by a narcissistic parent can feel both unpredictable and unsettling and lead to significant emotional harm.

As your therapist, I will provide encouragement as you seek empowerment, find your voice, and work toward self-acceptance. If you are ready to begin this journey of self-discovery, healing, and forgiveness, I would love to work with you! I will offer emotional support as you heal from your past and begin to create the life you truly want. Always remember, your past does not have to dictate your future!

I specialize in the areas of adjustment/life transitions, relationship concerns, perfectionism, social anxiety, highly sensitive persons (HSP), family of origin issues, shame, trauma, narcissistic abuse, chronic pain/illness, and other health related stressors. I promote self-discovery, which includes not only identifying problematic patterns and obstacles, but also exploring strengths and evidence of resiliency.


entire state of Indiana

virtual only

Session fee is $100 per session



daughters of Narcissistic mothers

highly sensitive persons

life transitions








Motivational Interviewing

The Gottman Method

Licensed Addictions Counselor