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Indiana Education Scholarship Account Now Available for Siblings!

Hoosier families secured a big win with new policy that allows parents to apply for INESA funding for siblings of eligible disabled students.


“We’ve heard many parents say this will help them to educate all of their children together, whether that’s at home or moving them all to the same school,” said Tina Kaetzel, executive director of the Scholarship Accounts Division with the Indiana Treasurer of State’s Office. “That’s a big win for families of children with disabilities, lowering their burden of specializing education for their child in need, and enabling siblings to be educated together.”


Starting July 1, 2024, parents of approved INESA students can apply for funding for eligible-age siblings as well. Siblings who do not require special education services through IEP, SP, CSEP, or ESA SP will receive state tuition support in their INESA fund. 

What is INESA Funding?

The Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) Program will provide students with disabilities throughout the state of Indiana access to the educational environment that best meets their learning needs. Parents of eligible students, or emancipated eligible students, will have the opportunity to spend dedicated scholarship money on approved educational programs, therapies, services, tuition and fees, and other expenses related to the student’s education.

Some providers at Orenda Counseling are ESA approved providers, meaning your child and their siblings counseling services could be covered through the program!

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