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5 Reasons Therapy Should Be on Your Agenda this Summertime.

Updated: Jun 26

Summer is here! That means longer days and warmer weather, vacations and summer camps. It can also be a change in your normal schedule and life can look different week to week. Therapy isn't always the top of our priorities during the summer, but here are five reasons why participating in therapy this summer is beneficial.

A summer sunflower

Less stress Equals True Healing

It is often difficult to truly heal our traumas when we are always facing daily stressors and crisis which happen frequently during the year. Summer is often a calmer and more stable time, where people can start to really tackle their traumas. 

More effective for Children

During the school year our kids are often attending therapy on top of school and extra curricular activities, making their capacity for therapy smaller than during the summer. 

Therapist, Charlotte Cox, has found that her clients were able to better identify their triggers and stressors during the summer, when they are not actively being overwhelmed and their nervous system has time to rest. 

It is also a good time to predict struggles for the coming school year and to effectively plan for these.

Flexibility with scheduling 

Our clients typically have a set appointment time for therapy; however, that often changes in the summer due to vacations. This means that our therapists have openings in their schedule which they don't typically have. 

Perhaps your schedule looks different too during the summer, allowing you to attend therapy on days and times that you typically wouldn't be able to. 

Walk and Talk sessions

The nicer weather and longer days allows us to offer more walk and talk sessions. Walk and talk is a more relaxed approach to therapy which also includes vitamin D exposure and endorphin release.

Improving family relationships

Summer can often mean more family time, which is great…. Until it isn't. Summer is a great time to improve family relationships during therapy, making summer break (and beyond) more enjoyable for everyone. 

For couples, there is less pressure of day to day life, so they can re-focus on each other and reconnect. 

Our therapists currently have no wait-list! Click on your therapist below, to reconnect with your therapist, or meet a new one.

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